All About Alfie: Alfie is a male Yorkshire Terrier of 5yrs.


Alfie is a lovely boy but, due to a nip history (skin not broken), he is looking for a home without young children as they make him nervous and unsettle him.


Alfie likes to be active and go out for his walks but also likes to chill and sit on the back of the sofa or curl up in bed during the day for a nice snooze.  Alfie is affectionate and likes to give lots of licks and wriggle all over his humans, to make sure he gets plenty of fuss and tickles! 

Alfie is looking for a new home where his family can take him on plenty of interesting walks to boost his confidence and work on his socialisation with other dogs, as Alfie can be a little scared at times.  Although when exuding confidence, Alfie is not bothered by anyone or anything and loves to chase around on a long lead and sniff around in the bushes and happily wee on just about everything!  Sometimes he will be quite energetic and chase a ball also. 

Alfie can be a little bit of a mischief, particularly when it comes to the post, socks, tissues, cardboard boxes - or just about anything that his humands drop, so he has some resource guarding tendencies.  Often Alfie will swap if a high reward treat is on offer but can sometimes get a bit possessive and so this might not always work.

Alfie  is in the MICKLEOVER, Derby area.

Ad updated: 26.07.22