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Introducing Benny: Benny is a male Saluki Cross of approximately 3years.

Benny is a very handsome chap, and extremely well behaved and perfect with humans of all ages.

Benny's previous owner was no longer able to care for him due to illness.  Whilst with the family, Benny had been staying in daycare with other dogs, three days a week for half a year, with no problems, just playing and socialising with them.


Benny is currently in foster care, where there is also a doggy day care, so Benny is mixing with many other breeds (both large and small) without issues.  Benny does however have food aggression so this will need to be managed in his new home.

Benny also currently lives with three children, the youngest being 6years and he is fantastic with them.

Benny is Very good on the lead. Benny knows basic commands sit/down/recall/other commands is very good at home, but outside his recall is a little poor, however he is always perfect on the lead.

In spite of a strong prey drive like most hounds, Benny has been easily trained to live happily with a cat.

Benny will be an amazing addition for any household and he would love to find a home where he is with people most of the time, because he forms a very strong bond with his humans and he does suffer with some separation anxiety.

Benny is in the Rochdale area.

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