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All about Bindi: Bindi is a female Boxer cross of 14months.


Bindi is a very people oriented dog and loves a good cuddle and a fuss. However, as still very young, Bindi can be high energy and bouncy, so would be best suited to a home with dog-savvy children from 13 years plus.  


Bindi can also be very needy and quite vocal when she wants something, such as going outside or a fuss, and jumpy when it comes to sudden noises, and will bark at people talking/walking past outside, or if a car door slams too loud.

Bindi likes to chase birds in the garden, as well as cats, so would need a secure garden with 6ft fencing.

Bindi can be picky about other dogs so will need good intros or be an only dog.  Bindi will blossom into a brilliant dog from some one on one attention and consistent training. 

Although she can be very high energy, Bindi loves to sit right next to you and is always up for having a cuddle on the sofa and settles well at night on her bed. 

Bindi is crate trained and can be left for a couple of hours in a crate, as long as she has something to keep her entertained such as a stuffed kong & some kibble scattered in with her.  Bindi can also be left out of the crate in a room, again as long as there are things to keep her busy, and nothing she can get into such as bags, as she also likes to chew shoes/belts and candles. Although if left out, Bindi can sometimes have an accident, but she is fully house trained and will cry at the door to let you know she needs to go out. 

All in all, Bindi is a great little dog that will really thrive in the right environment where she can have a routine, all round attention and to further her training.

Bindi can get travel sickness.

Bindi is in the Connah's Quay, Deeside area.

Ad updated: 17.07.19

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