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All About Blue: Blue is a male Labrador cross of 5.5yrs.


Blue is a lovely boy and one of favourite things to do is to go swimming and play with his ball, in fact he loves all types of water, the sea, lake, river and muddy puddles. Blue currently lives with two other dogs and he meets other dogs well when he is out: has a short sniff but much prefers to play with his ball..


Blue is happy to be left at home and has never shown any separation anxiety or destructive behaviour.

Blue is an opportunist when it comes to pinching socks, tea towels, pegs etc which he can then go on to resource guard, especially his food and toys, so he is looking for a new family that are happy to work with him on this.   Blue does have a bite history and, as a result, is looking for a home without children.


Blue is not affectionate and tolerates short pats and quick bum scratches. However, it should be noted that he had spent time on holiday at a boarding kennels and has been perfectly behaved and enjoyed cuddles there.  Blue is looking for a new home where he is pretty much left to his own devices and to a large extent ignored by his family.

Blue is lively, intelligent and loves to play, particularly with his ball and he could play fetch all day long!'  

Blue's ideal home would be one where he lives one to one with his human and where there are not too many visitors.


UPDATE 24.01.24 Blue has been in his foster since late November 2023 and he is doing so very well, the longer he is with the foster family the less his resource guarding is occurring.  Overall, Blue is less anxious and much happier in himself and now enjoying affection and so loves a tummy rub and stroke which he gets loads of! Blue is turning into a happy relaxed lovely lad, he just needs the time and space in his new home.

Blue is in NEWTON -le- WILLOWS, Merseyside area.

Ad updated: 24.01.24, d.o.b. 06.06.18

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