Boss & Hera

All About Boss & Hera: Boss & Hera are a male and female Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Rottweiler cross Dogue de Bordeaux cross of 8yrs and 1.5yrs respectfully.

Boss: Boss is a lovely boy, and good with children (currently living with a one year old) and other dogs.  Boss dislikes loud noises.  Boss loves his walks and especially playing fetch.

Hera: Hera loves children although forgets how big she is and can be clumsy, so needs to be shown how to behave.   Hera loves her walks especially when she can get wet and go for a swim.  Hera is not very dog friendly at first so needs correct introductions.

Boss & Hera are looking for a new home together.  Both dogs are showing signs of separation anxiety and will bark when left, so they will need a new family that is willing to let them settle and able to build up the time that they are left.

Boss & Hera are in the ROMFORD, Essex area.

Ad updated: 01.11.20