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Brax & Trixie

All About Brax & Trixie: Brax is a female Mastiff of 9.5yrs. and Trixie is a female American Bulldog cross Mastiff of 9.5yrs.

BRAX:  Brax is a loving dog and loves lots of attention, and likes nothing more than to cuddle up on the sofa.  Brax can be very strong on the lead so will need a capable handler.   Brax needs plenty of stimulation to avoid chewing but is crate trained.  Brax can be boisterous with visitors to the home, but will settle down once she's had a good sniff!  Brax is currently living with another dog (Trixie) and has lived with other large breed dogs in the past, but due to being attacked by smaller dogs, now can react to some dogs if they react to her.  

TRIXIE has previously lived with children of 6yrs plus and was very good with them.  Trixie is currently living another large breed dog (Brax) and they get along really well, and she has lived with other large breed dogs in previous homes, however Trixie has a dislike of white terriers, and so cannot go off lead but is also muzzle trained. Trixie can be strong on the lead but has improved considerably  Trixie is a lovely dog - good natured and loves affection and cuddles, she can be excitable but once she has calmed down she is fine.

Brax and Trixie would love a new home together but can be separated.

Brax & Trixie are in the NEWTON -le- WILLOWS, Merseyside area

Ad updated: 07.06.24; d.o.b Brax 23.01.2015; Trixie d.o.b.20.12.2014.

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