All About Broly: Broly is a male Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog of 2.5yrs.

Broly is a lovely boy and is good with people and children of older teenager years.

Broly has lived with cat and another dog previously, but was very dominant.

Broly can be strong on a lead but ignores other dogs on the walks.

Broly can be strong on a lead when trying to sniff and explore but is well-behaved when crossing the road and interacting with other people.  Broly is a little timid with other dogs but is happy to say hello slowly and carefully with some reassurance. Broly has a lot of fun energy and happy to walk for hours, but also equally happy to then curl up next to the sofa for a nap.


Broly is fully house trained. Broly loves a treat, and will proudly show you how well he sits, and gives you a paw in exchange for a gravy bone or too.


Broly is wary of men, particularly if they are in his house (guests etc) but can be won over very quickly.

Broly is in the BLACKWALL, London area.

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