All About Chloé: Chloé is a female Rottweiler of 3yrs.

Chloé is a lovely dog, not friendly with all dogs having been attacked previously so can be very reactive, but she has made friends with another dog at the kennels.

Chloé was previously in a home with children but we are looking for somewhere without children so that she gets all the care and attention that she deserves and has missed out on so far.  

True to the Rottweiler breed, Chloé is guarding in her nature so ideally will need a new home with experience and able to show confidence and leadership.  Chloé is wary of strangers and needs slow introductions to new people.

On a recent home visit, Chloé was described as having no housetraining and as being destructive, as she had an accident on the carpet and broke a couple of items. Chloé was obviously distressed at the home visit but as she was in the home for less than 24hrs, we cannot make a good assessment of this, nonetheless she will need a family that will be committed to her ongoing training.  

Chloé is looking for a new home where she is given the time to settle and adjust and where her new family have vast Rottweiler experience together with some training expertise and fairly local to facilitate a number of visits.

Chloé is in the MONTGOMERY, Wales area.

Ad updated: 26.12.20