All About Chloé: Chloé is a female Rottweiler of 3yrs.

Chloé was previously in a home with children but, due to a bite incident in another home, she is now looking for a new home without young children or visiting grandchildren.

Chloé is a lovely girl but not dog friendly having previously been attacked and is now dog reactive, so will need a strong and capable new family with the knowledge needed to work with her reactiveness and help with her socialisation.

True to the Rottweiler breed, Chloé is guarding in her nature so she will need a new home with experience and able to show confidence and leadership and a good background of Rottweiler ownership, ideally with some training expertise and fairly local to facilitate a number of visits.  

Chloé has an affectionate and loving nature, likes to engage in conversation and melts when praised and is willing to please and is a happy soul.


Chloé needs space, and is content to play with her toys by herself: she has a strong, active and independent character, and loves tasks and challenges.

Chloé is wary of strangers and needs slow introductions to new people: she is such a special girl but is better when allowed for her to come to you, she is fearful of being overpowered, and becomes defensive in that situation.


Chloé is in the MONTGOMERY, Wales area.

Ad updated: 13.05.21