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All About Eddie: Eddie is a male Cockapoo of 8.5yrs.

Eddie is a happy and loyal boy who loves cuddles and attention and, most importantly, food!  Eddie enjoys chewing on his antler or bones at home, but does not play with toys very much. 

Eddie enjoys the park and walks to heel very well off lead, has excellent recall and listens to instructions (sit, wait, paw).  Eddie does not tend to play with other dogs but will always say hello.  Eddie  was not socialised very much in his old home, and so would really benefit from more regular walks and socialising. 


Eddie is sadly prone to anxiety and resource guarding (space and people, not food) so will need an experienced new family that can help him with his anxieties.  With the correct behavioural training and owners with experience, we believe he will make the right family very happy.

Due to Eddie having a bite history, he is looking for a new home where there are no young children or visiting grandchildren.

Eddie is the South London area.

Ad updated: 10.09.21.

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