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All about Eric: Eric is a Heinz American Bulldog of 9years.

Eric is looking for an understanding and patient new family, that will love and nuture him.  In short, Eric has a couple of issues: food aggression; guarding the home when strangers come and knock at the door.  Eric also did not like to be bathed previously but has since become OK with water.

Eric, did spend time in a foster carer's home where he lived with another dog and they spent many hours playing together, but he can be reactive to other dogs on walks, so will need to wear a muzzle.

Eric will need a new family where there is a man in the home, as Eric can be a dominant boy. 

Eric will be looking for a new home without young children, as Eric is not used to them and would send them flying and due to his food aggression.

Eric is obviously a very handsome chap: fit, very strong, loyal and loving and, despite his issues, Eric adores his cuddles and has a lot of love to give.

Eric is in kennels and has been for some months so could do with finding his forever sofa.

Eric is in the ASTLEY, Manchester area.

Ad updated: 28.04.20, d.o.b. April 2011.

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