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All About Evie: Evie is a female Springer Spaniel of 7months.

Evie is a lovely girl who is looking for a new home where her family are confident handlers and are able to continue with her training, ideally with Spaniel experience.


Evie can be a little nervous of new people initially but soon gains confidence once she gets to know you.

Evie is very strong on the lead and so will need further training in this respect.

Evie has not met many other dogs with the exception of her brother, so will also need help with her ongoing socialisation.  Evie shows some interest in other dogs but can be easily distracted.

True to the Spaniel breed, Evie shows little interest in toys and more interested in a good old sniff!

Evie is in the Montgomery, Powys area.

Ad updated: 06.07.19

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