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Fern & Harley

All About Fern & Harley: Fern & Harley are a female Collie and Harley a male Jack Russell Terrier of 9 and 6yrs respectfully.

Fern is a particularly gentle soul who loves to be cuddled and made a fuss of.  Fern enjoys getting brushed and lying in the sun and will always find a spot of sun thats coming in the window.  Fern enjoys long walks but has slowed down a little in the last six months, but still manages a few hours of walking.  Fern is good on walks and is not bothered by other dogs.  Fern has no history of living with children so is looking for a new home where any children are of older teenage years.  Fern has no history of living cats.  Fern is looking for a new home where she can enjoy some quieter time and where she can nap and enjoy being cuddled, as she is an incredibly affectionate dog.

Harley, is a cheeky wee chappy but he is also very affectionate, however he will take himself off to another room to nap on his own.  Harley loves to play with a ball but doesn't want to give it back for you to throw it again, so he needs his humans to be armed with more than one and he will play for hours.   Harley is a wee bomb on legs and is full of energy on his walks and enjoys long walks, he also has good recall.  Harley is a bit of an escape artist so will need a secure garden. Harley is also an affectionate wee dog and enjoys cuddles too and he just loves to cuddle in with Fern sometimes. Harley is also not bothered by other dogs.  

Fern and Harley have both always shared a food bowl and have been allowed to graze on heir food throughout the day. They have no problem eating In the same room as other dogs so have no food guarding etc.   Fern & Harley are going to make fabulous additions to any family as they just want to please and be loved and so they are looking for their new home together.

Fern & Harley are in the CALDERWOOD, East Kilbride, area.

Ad updated: 28.07.21.

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