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All About Frank: Frank is a male King Charles Cavalier cross Jack Russell and Pug of 1.5 yrs.


Frank is a very intelligent and determined boy who enjoys being stimulated with play and loves his walks and being social with other dogs.  Frank is full of energy and loves lots of fun in his life.  


Frank likes a tickle and a cuddle but will take himself off when he has had enough.  Frank is not a lap dog but he still likes to know that his humans are close by.

Frank is a very loyal dog and has a very big heart and a lot of love to give but he does take a while to adjust to new men and appears to take to women easier.


Due to a nip history, Frank is looking for a home that is calm and without Children or visiting grandchildren, as children put him on "high alert" and they tend to put him on edge.  Frank can be protective and jealous of his family and if he thinks he needs to protect, so he is looking for a new family that can work with him. Frank does prefer a quiet calm home as he struggles with multiple visitors all at one time.


Frank is a very clean dog, his personal hygiene routine is something to behold, he cleans himself regularly and takes great pride in his appearance.


Frank is a lovely little character and will make a wonderful addition to the right family and environment.


Frank is in the GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire area.

Ad updated: 18.07.22, d.o.b. 06.03.21

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