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Introducing Frankie:  Frankie is a male Jack Russell Terrier of 11years.


Frankie will need a new home with no young children and he would like a home to call his very own, with no other dogs.


Frankie would like a home where he can live the quiet life, maybe with some nice friendly mellow cats, as he likes to clean their ears!


Frankie used to live in a pub and lived free range which he liked, but developed a dislike of drunk women.  Frankie was also attacked and injured quite badly by a husky in the pub which has left him unhappy being touched around this area of his shoulder and the attack has likely not helped his tolerance of the current resident dogs.


Frankie loves his walks and although he pulls on his lead he has excellent off-lead recall.


Frankie has had a lot of changes and disruption in his life and would enjoy a home with no young children and possibly no other dogs.

Frankie is in Southampton.

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