All About George: George (white) is a Greyhound of around 6yrs.

George is currently in foster care who have said that he "couldn’t be more loving…. and lazy!  Unless he is eating, or going for a walk, you will find him having a snooze!  George is super affectionate, and likes to follow you around, if you stop, he just nuzzles softly into your side and points his beak up at you for a fuss."

As George has never known home living, he is currently learning housetraining, and doing really well!  As long as he is let out straight after eating, and given a short walk before bed, so no accidents during the night, there are no problems. George is a very fast learner.

In the home George is confident but on his walks he can be a little timid.

George has no history of living with children and so is looking for a home where any children are 13yrs plus.

George is a wonderful friendly dog with a great temperament, he is so gentle, calm and loving and would make a wonderful addition to any family.

George is in the CARDIFF, Wales area.

Ad updated: 07.12.20; George d.o.b. 23.07.2016.