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All About George: George (white) is a Greyhound of 5yrs.

As George had never known home living, he has had to learn some housetraining but now does brilliantly, so long as he is let out straight after eating, and given a short walk before bed he has no accidents during the night.

In the home George is confident but on his walks he can be a little timid.

George has no history of living with children and so is looking for a home where any children are 13yrs plus.

George is a wonderful friendly dog with a great temperament, he is so gentle, calm and loving and would make a wonderful addition to any family.

George does have some separation anxiety and cannot be left for anymore than three hours.

Notes from his previous foster carer:- 

"George is beautiful and elegant. He is  a very loving boy, and  has a sensitive and gentle nature. George walks well on the lead and absolutely loves to run after his favourite toy pheasant! George will often come and steal a cuddle off you by just appearing at your side a waiting patiently for you to notice him. He loves an ear scratch and is at his happiest on a sofa in the sun with a human not too far away!

I havent found him to bring a toy back, he usually chases it, throws it in the air, then starts his zoomies round the garden to play with me. Lasts 5 minutes max and then he is back to roaching upside down on the couch.

He walks well on lead using a harness, but 2 x 20 minute walks a day are enough for him, he doesnt have much stamina. He currently gets loose in a secure field I hire once a week for a run but to be honest he doesn't really need that."

George is in the PRESCOT, Liverpool area.

Ad updated: 08.09.21; George d.o.b. 23.07.2016.

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