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All about Harley: Harley is a male American Bulldog of 7-8years.


Harley currently lives with children of 8 and 5years, with no issues. Harley is also good with cats, and is currently living with one, who he absolutely adores.

Harley gets along fine with female dogs, but can be a bit picky on other males and can be dominant, so further socialisation is needed in this respect.

Harley is currently being left for long periods with no issues.  Harley does try to pull on the lead, but soon calms and responds quickly to direction.

Harley is an obedient and loving boy and is looking for a new home where he will receive the time and stimulation from his new family that he so craves.

Harley is in the Bristol area.

Ad updated: 08.08.19.

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