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All About Jango: Jango is a male Terrier of nearly 6yrs.

True to the Terrier breed, Jango is an energetic boy but he is also playful and needs lots of stimulation and exercise.  Jango likes to go on walks but can get a bit excited and tug his lead.  Off lead, Jango walks close and has a good recall with his family. 


Jango can nip when scared but this is more of a warning than outright aggression and  is very rare, so further confidence boosting needed.


Jango has lived with children previously and we feel he could live with older teenage children in his new home.


Jango is a very loving boy to his family and has lived with another dog his whole life. 


Jango is in the BRAITHWELL, Rotherham area.

Ad updated: 05.09.22.

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