Jasper & George

All About Jasper & George: Jasper (black) & George (white)

These two are wonderful friendly dogs and are looking for a new home either together or separately.  As can be seen from the photos, they are both sweet and lovely with great temperaments.

Jasper & George couldn’t be more loving…. and lazy!  Unless they are eating, or going for a walk, you will find them having a snooze!

George is super affectionate, and likes to follow you around, if you stop, he just nuzzles softly into your side and points his beak up at you for a fuss.

Jasper is the sleep king, and we think he chooses sleep over everything!


As they have never known home living, they are currently learning to be house trained, and doing really well!  As long as they are let them out straight after eating, and give them a short walk before bed so no accidents during the night. These boys are seriously fast learners!

In the home George is more confident than Jasper, Jasper is quieter and calmer, but on a walk thats where Jasper comes into his own, and George will be a little more timid.

These boys want to sprint! they want to chase! They get very excited when they know they are going out, and if they see a small animal, whether its a cat, dog or squirrel, they want to run after it. 

However, after just a short walk they soon start thinking about their warm comfy beds and when they are home again, love nothing more than a couch!  

These boys temperaments are adorable.  They are so gentle, calm and loving and would make a wonderful addition to any family.

Jasper & George are in the CARDIFF, Wales area.

Ad updated: 07.12.20; George d.o.b. 23.07.2016.

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