All About Jeffrey: Jeffrey is a male Dachshund cross 5yrs.

Jeffrey is a happy, friendly dog who is always eager to meet new people, particularly if he suspects they have treats!  Jeffrey is equally happy to be out walking all day or chilling on the sofa.


Jeffrey can be left with no issues.


Jeffrey is a strong-minded dog who appreciates a clear set of house rules and routine.  Unfortunately Jeffrey has a bite history which means he is looking for a new home without children or where children frequently visit.  Jeffrey must be walked in public with a muzzle and this is by Court Order following an incident: a child asked to stroke him and may have been a little too rough with him causing him to bite the child.  

Jeffrey gets on well with other dogs, though tends to prefer bitches to dogs and can sometimes feel overwhelmed by over-enthusiastic larger breeds, he does not like Boarder Terriers or cats.

Jeffrey is in the HENLEY-ON-THAMES, Oxfordshire area.

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