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All About Josie: Josie is a female Staffordshire Bull Terrier of 9yrs.

Josie is a lovely dog and very affectionate, and adores cuddles on the sofa and will spend much of her evening tucked up snoozing.  Josie is very friendly and greets everyone she meets with a waggy tail ... and a lick - if allowed!  

Josie has always been great with little children in the neighbourhood, even when they come up and give her hugs but she is not used to living with them, so will need to find a new home where the children are of older teenage years.


Josie loves to sunbathe and, although at first she didn’t like baths, once she learned how fun it was to have a splash, she now likes nothing more and comes bounding up the stairs when she knows one is being run!


Although Josie is a bit slower up the stairs now she is a bit older, she can still jump up onto the bed and sofa, and is very strong on the lead.  Josie is not walked off lead as her recall is not good.

Josie has lived with cats but does not seem too keen on them and she also is not fond of other dogs.  Josie does wags her tail when another dog approaches but if they get too close she growls a bit and gives them the occasional bop on the nose with her paw.  

Josie is scared by loud noises like thunder, fireworks and loud cars, so ideally she is looking for a new home where she can enjoy some peace and quiet.


Josie is looking for a new home where her new family do not leave her for long periods as she can get very anxious and scared in the day, and becoming destructive as a result.

Josie is in the SUMMERHILL, Wrexham area.

Ad updated: 22.06.21.

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