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All About Leo: Leo is a male Romanian mixed breed of 5yrs weighing approx 34 kg. His appearance suggests that he has some shepherd in him.

Leo has come a long way since arriving to the UK in 2019, having been rescued as a puppy. Leo has developed and progressed in all aspects of his socialisation and training. Leo walks brilliantly on the lead, and is responsive to commands and guidance.

Leo is fine with cats and currently lives with a rescue feline, he also lives with another female rescue dog.


Leo is loyal, energetic, keen to please and lots of fun.  Leo likes running after the ball, playing football, finding hidden treats, and walks in open spaces.


Leo thrives on routine, predictability and consistency and does not like living in the city, so his ideal home would be semi-rural or rural. An ideal family for him would be a small, mature and active family that can also give him the consistency he thrives on.  Leo is looking for a new home with the space and time to maintain his training and stimulation. Leo will enjoy and benefit from further recall and other training.


Leo is initially wary of strangers and is happiest when given the space to acclimatise to new people on his terms and when he gets to know and trust new people, he loves them with all his heart as he is a very loving soul and is happiest giving and receiving affection when he seeks it.


Leo is not good with small, unpredictable children who do not know how to behave around wary dogs, so he is looking for a new home where any children are of older teenage years and who are mature, responsible and respectful of boundaries.


Given the time, space and right approach, Leo makes good friendships and he is currently benefiting from walks with three different dog walkers and the occasional sitter but any new family should appreciate that Leo does not take to everyone.


Leo has the occasional nip history (when the wrong people cleaned his paws) so is looking for a new home that understand that dogs can also have boundaries and they can need time to warm and trust new people, therefore he is best placed with experienced dog owners.

Leo is in the CHINGFORD, East London area.

Ad updated: 06.05.24

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