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All about Luna: Luna is a female Staffordshire Bull Terrier of 3yrs.

Luna will need a new home where there are no children and no other pets.  Luna will also need a new home where she is not left for long periods and where her family are experienced staffie owners and able to continue with her training.

Luna has a lot of potential for a commited family that can provide strong leadership and direction and a regular routine to guide Luna and enhance that potential. Luna needs to be shown that the world is not as scary as she might think it is, so a regular routine is crucial for Luna to reduce her anxieties and help her understand that activities such as washing up, hoovering, sweeping, rustling bin bags are normal. Luna struggles to process new situations and how to react.

Luna would be good at agility or heelwork as this will help keep her mind focussed.

Despite Luna's fears, she is an adorable girl and will reward her family with her cute, quirky ways, like singing when her human is preparing her food.  ​Luna loves a shoe, not to chew but to take and hide and lay on.  Luna can be super cuddly and loves to sit close to her humans for a cuddle and some comfort.

Luna’s new family would ideally be located in a quiet village with little traffic and local access to a field for her to run around in.

Luna is currently in the MONTGOMERY, Wales area.

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