All About Matti: Matti is a female Shar Pei cross Staffordshire Bull Terrier of 5yrs.

Matti is a very friendly dog, with a passion for food, so will not tolerate interference from other animals around her bowl. 

Matti enjoys playing with children but can be clumsy so is looking for  a new home where the children are of older years.

Matti has lived with and helped raise a three week old kitten, even carrying it about in her mouth so, with careful introductions, she could live with another but she will still chase next door's cat.  Matti is also used to chickens so does not chase birds. 

Matti is a typical Shar Pei and takes time to get to know her humans, but once happy and confident, she is very affectionate.  Matti is more used to women but accepts men after proper introductions.


Matti is wary of loud noise and sometimes large, loud people wearing black. 

Matti will need a confident family as she can be bossy.

Matti likes her walks but does not need to go for miles, preferring to take in the smells!

Matti is in the MALTON, North Yorkshire area.

Ad updated: 11.11.20

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