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Introducing Max: Max is a male Shih Tzu cross of 2years.


Max currently lives with another dog (Ollie) but they are not getting along.  

Max is looking for a new home without young children as we have no history of how he would be toddlers although, upon recent visits to the foster carer's by relatives, Max was found great with young children.

Max is a lovable little guy with a great temperament.  Max is not used to toys and his foster carer is trying to work with him on this. 


Max is scared of other dogs which leads to him being reactionary on walks, so Max will need help with his socialisation skills.


Max sleeps in a crate at night and likes to lay in it during the day.

Max is slowly coming out of his shell with his foster carer and starting to trust more and more, especially now he is starting to like some attention and a big fuss being made of him.

Max is great at the vets and is used to busy roads sounds and smells.  On a recent transport run, Max was barky initially but soon settled.

Max is currently in foster care in the Hitchin, Herts area. 


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