All About Mika: Mika is a female Staffordshire Bull Terrier of  8yrs.

Mika is a lovely dog and has a great personality and loves to be around children and follow them around, she is regularly around a 2yr old and spends most days playing and chilling with him.

Mika is well behaved and obedient.


Mika is not a good traveller and can get distressed by car journeys, but maybe OK with multiple people in the car with her.


Mika likes to give her mum little presents and will bring a pebble every day from the garden. 

Due to Mika's arthritis, she is looking for a home with a garden and where she will not have to go up stairs.

Mika is very loving and loves to be by her humans' side and adores as much love and affection that she can get.


Mika is dog friendly and is used to other dogs visiting her home for playdates.

Mika is in BRIGHTON, Hove area.


Ad updated: 16.12.21.