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Milo & Bella

Introducing Milo & Bella:  Milo & Bella

are a bonded pair of Saluki Lurchers of 4years (brother and sister).  


Milo is a ginger gentle giant and just loves the outdoors: to play with other dogs and run as fast as he can. Bella is definitely the bossiest one and very intelligent, also with lots of energy.  Bella loves people, attention and cuddles and has her 'mad dog' moments and is such a character.

Milo & Bella love to go on long walks and adventures on one hand and love to get cozy and have a cuddle on the other.  They both can get a bit excited on the lead initially but will calm soon enough.

Milo & Bella have great recall and do not like to stray too far, always keeping a check on where their owner is at.

Milo & Bella are looking for a new home without cats or young children, but teenagers would be fine.

Milo & Bella are currently with their owner in the Rotherham, South Yorkshire area and are looking for a new home either together or separately.

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