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Missy Moo

All About Missy Moo: Missy Moo is a female French Bulldog of 5.5yrs.

Missy Moo has been with us for some time now and, although her behaviour has improved dramatically, she still has some way to go but her foster carer believes that she is ready for her new home, so long as it is a family with the relevant experience and confidence.

Missy Moo is a lovely dog but does need time to form a strong bond with people, which would need to be female only as she shows too much aggression towards men.  As Missy Moo takes time to form a bond (sometimes a couple of weeks) any potential family will need to either live locally or be prepared to make a number of visits to meet her at her foster home.

Missy Moo is also looking for a home without children.


Missy is living with another dog and they get along fine but she does not like all dogs.

Missy Moo's new family will need to have the time and patience for her and also able to be firm when needed.  Missy Moo's new family will need to be  experienced and be able to deal with dogs that need that extra time and care to become adjusted to new people and new environments, as mentioned, time, patience and understanding of a dog that has previously not been socialised with either people or other dogs.

Missy Moo is in the HYDE, Manchester area.

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