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Introducing Mitzi: Mitzi is a female Yorkshire Terrier of 6years.

Mitzi is not a confident dog, she is very timid and frightened of almost everything including putting lead on, windy weather, other dogs and cats, the vacuum cleaner, most every day things really, although fireworks do not bother her.


Mitzi is good with children and loves their company.


Mitzy gets itchy skin in the hot weather, and occasionally when it turns colder, which unprescribed shampoo and half a antihistamine tablet helps keep in check.


Mitzy is the happiest sat on someone’s knee getting attention as she loves people and company everyday, she is fine in her bed in kitchen through the night though.


Mitzy has never chewed anything when left and loves going out in the car for a ride.


Mitzi is currently being assessed.

Mitzi is in the Wakefield area.

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