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All About Molly: Molly is a female crossbreed of 7yrs.


Apart from being absolutely gorgeous, Molly is an incredibly gentle and loving dog who is sadly looking for her new home due to the loss of her beloved mum, they were inseparable in the time that they had together.  


Molly is looking for a new home where her family have the time to give her lots of cuddles and generally spoil her.


Molly is looking for a relaxed home with a lovely garden, with a family who want nothing more to spend being with her and cuddles and enjoying fun filled walks (she loves to go on long walks in the woods) and generally being her best friend.


Molly is brilliant with children and enjoys their attention.

Molly pulls a little on the lead but with training this would ease.  When off the lead Molly comes back on command and is well behaved. Molly welcomes interaction with other dogs however if they are a little boisterous, this can spook her.


Molly would make a wonderful friend and companion with beautiful, loving big brown eyes and will make a wonderful addition to any family.

Molly is in the COMPSTALL, Stockport area.

Ad updated: 12.03.22,.

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