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Narla & Kayto

Introducing Narla and Kayto:  Narla and Kayto are Huskies of 4years.


Narla and Kayto would love a new home, as they have been together, as they have been together since pups.

Narla and Kayto are both good with other dogs and live with young children now, although they would be best be re-homed with older children due to their boisterous nature and preference for their quieter times.

Narla and Kayto walk well on lead, but are not walked off lead.   Carla does needs to be fed separately to Kayto as she is food aggressive.

Narla and Kayto are not cat friendly but both travel well and have no Separation Anxieties.

Narla and Kayto are currently spending a lot of time outside kennelled or inside crated and need a home that is more suited to the needs of this breed. 


Narla and Kayto are in Pontypool, Gwent.

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