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All About Oscar: Oscar is a male Golden Retriever of 11months.

Oscar is is a lovely boy but and needs a new home where his ongoing training is addressed and where he is guided with firm leadership.  Oscar knows basic commands: sit, stay lie down and his re-call is currently being worked on.


Oscar has previously missed out on some social skills and can be a bit full-on for some dogs, but he is now in foster care and so having daily play and interaction with the other resident dogs and so he soon calm downs.  Oscar is looking for a new home where there is another dog, ideally of equal build so that he can continue to learn the social skills necessary for positive meets and have a good time in the process!

Oscar is full of energy and so is looking for an active home that can meet his requirements.  Oscar walks fine on a lead but he is attracted to people and wants to run to them so he is learning to control this.


Oscar is happy to be left and can be left for 2/3 hrs max at the moment with no signs of anxiety.


Oscar has displayed some resource guarding issues with a few items that he should not have and can be distracted from them, but he is looking for a new home with no young children as a result.  Oscar also has a bite history so any children in the home should be of older teenage years.

Oscar is considered too young for neutering and so will be adopted on a neutering contract.

Oscar is in the EARBY, BARNOLDSWICK, Lancashire area.

Ad updated: 22.08.21, d.o.b. 27.09.20

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