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All About Peanut: Peanut is a female Bulldog cross French Bulldog of 2yrs.


Peanut is a gorgeous dog and is dog friendly and currently lives with three other dogs but two of them have taken a dislike to her and this has led to fighting.

Peanut also lives with a cat but will chase her but she only wants to be playful.

Peanut is great with the visiting grandchildren of 3 & 6yrs and is very gentle with them.


Peanut can be left with no Separation Anxiety.


True to the breed, Peanut can be quite stubborn and will only come when called when she is good and ready.


Peanut is an excitable traveller and her house training needs a bit of work also.

Peanut is a loving playful dog, who loves to have a kick around with her football in the garden.  Peanut loves to get anything in her mouth and uses this to tease her humans to play with her.   You will always know when Peanut is asleep, as she snores very loudly but when not sleeping, she will always by your side wanting to play or just having a cuddle. 

Peanut is in KINGSTANDING, Birmingham area

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