Introduci ng Pepper: Pepper is a female Labrador of 4years.  Pepper is very loving girl, who will form attachments to her humans very easily and is always ready to welcome you home by offering you one of her  toys.


Pepper loves her long walks and would enjoy an active lifestyle.  Pepper will play fetch, but only  if you take two balls, one to throw and one to encourage her to drop for the next one.


Pepper does have food aggression issues around other dogs.  Pepper is fine and friendly with other dogs on her walks and will play nicely, but she must be fed and given treats away from other dogs.  Pepper's new owners will also need to keep an eye on the rubbish bin and their own food too, because if it is in reach, Pepper will take it.


Pepper is crate trained and will settle down to bed with the command 'bed time'.   Pepper cannot be left alone for long periods over 3 or maybe 4hours as she has separation anxiety issues which can result in destructive behaviour. 


Pepper is cat friendly but will chase others in the street on the odd occasion, so we feel Pepper could live with a cat with slow and careful introductions.


Pepper is also good with children, however, we are looking for a child free home for Pepper so that there are no accidents around food. 


Pepper sometimes suffers with ear infections but she will let you administer ear drops in return for a bit of cheese! 

Pepper is in the Blackpool area.