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All About Poppy: Poppy is a female Cockapoo 5yrs.

Poppy is a very loving dog, and her most favourite place in the world is sitting right next to you having lots of cuddles.


Poppy is very well behaved, knows basic commands, house trained and is pretty good on the lead, although she will pull but with further training she would improve in no time at all.


Poppy absolutely adores playing fetch and her recall is very good as long as there are no other distractions but again, being the intelligent girl she is, more training will get this under control.

Poppy is very good at mixing with other dogs - but not too small as she thinks they are toys but would possibly suit a family with no other dogs as she does like a lot of attention, unfortunately she cannot live with cats or other small furries and birds in cages.

Poppy does suffer with separation anxiety so any time where she will be left alone will have to be built up over time. When Poppy is anxious she can become vocal and will scratch herself but a word of reassurance will stop this.

All in all, Poppy is a fantastic girl and would suit an active family environment where she will get lots of exercise and stimulation. Due to her enthusiasm, she probably would not be suitable around toddlers and small children at the moment.

Poppy is in the CHURH LENCH, Worcestershire area.

Ad updated: 17.02.20

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