All About Rascal: Rascal is a male Cane Corso of 22months.

Rascal is very energetic and attentive and responds well to training and commands when praised. Rascal is well socialised and has been from a young puppy, having had a few training classes to perfect environmental socialisation.


Rascal enjoys being around other dogs and is very family orientated. Rascal often goes on weekly walks with another Cane Corso and happily plays and walks on and off lead without issue.

Rascal has lived with a young child who he is very tolerant and gentle with.

Rascal is a loyal companion and seeking a new home where his socialisation and training can be continued. 


Rascal is currently raw fed and so this would need to be considered by any new family. Rascal also has full FCI registration papers and documentation or ear cropping and tail docking. 

Rascal is in the DEWSBURY, West Yorkshire area.

Ad updated: 19.11.21.