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All About Rex: Rex is a male Dachshund of 3yrs.

Rex is the perfect dog until you have to close the door on him, as he suffers from separation anxiety and so he is looking for a new home where he is not left for long periods, or at all.

Rex loves playing fetch, cuddling, and hanging out with his older doggy brother Dallas, and he has lots of energy and will play for hours and will always out last you with lots energy to do more.


Rex is a lockdown boy and so has not had much socialisation as a puppy. Due to this, Rex does not understand that all other dogs want to do is play with him and will bark aggressively until he gets close and then will run away.  Rex currently lives with another dog, but will need work on his socialisation in the outside world and will need slow introductions.

Rex is not particularly fond of children and so is looking for a new home without them.

Rex is in the HALIFAX, West Yorkshire area.

Ad updated: 16.11.21.

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