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All About Rocco: Rocco is a male Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross American Bulldog of 7yrs.

Rocco currently lives with three other dogs, but we feel he would be happier to live either as a sole dog or with a calmer dog.  Rocco is lead reactive to dogs on walks and also to dogs walking passed the house, but is fine with off lead meets.  Rocco will chase cats but if they stand their ground he’ll back off.  However he would need to be properly cat trained to live with one.


Rocco shared his home with a child (now 13 years old) but prefers the company of adults.


Rocco was diagnosed with a skin allergy by his vet as he licks his paws and has itchy ears, so takes Apoquel tablets daily, so he will be needing a change to his diet and go grain free, or potentially be fed a raw diet.


Rocco can be left with no issues.


Rocco is very smart and knows several commands like sit, paw, rollover and speak.


Rocco is in WESTCLIFFE -on- SEA, Essex area.

Ad updated: 16.09.21.

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