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Introducing Ronnie: Ronnie is a male Staffordshire Bull Terrier of 7years.


Ronnie is a lovely boy and will greet you with staffie smiles galore.


Ronnie is a lovely natured older boy, abut still has loads of energy which is typical of his breed, although once settled in a home, we feel his energy would be well managed with regular walks and play time.


Ronnie has a tendancy to jump up when excited, however he responds well to verbal instruction.


Ronnie has much love and faithful companionship to give to a family but, due to his level of energy at this point in time, he is looking for a family with older children, as he is quite a robust boy and he may unwittingly unbalance a child when he gets excited.

Ronnie is strong on his lead and so will need further training in this respect.


Ronnie was introduced to another female dog in kennels and there was no aggressive or dominate behaviour tendancies.

Ronnie are currently in the Darlington area.

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