All About Rose: Rose is a female Old English Sheepdog of 7months.

Rose is a very special dog: she is kind, loving, cuddly and looks like a big teddy bear.


Rose needs a quiet home, preferably someone who works from home as she does not cope with being left alone for long. Another dog in the home would be fine, but not more than one as she does not interact generally with dogs.

Sadly Rose was born with an acute medical condition that is currently managed by medication, which is covered for the rest of her life by an insurance policy and transferable to any new family. Rose's condition is an Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt, detailed reports and explanation of her condition along with policy details can be provided.  

Although Rose enjoys a walk and it is good for her, daily walks are not essential as she is not a high energy dog and after a short playful outburst she tends to sleep quite a lot.


Rose is a very  lovely, sweet and vulnerable dog and everyone who meets her falls in love with her but she just needs a calm environment to be truly happy.

Rose is in the MEARE, Somerset area.

Ad updated: 30.06.20