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All About Saxon: Saxon is a male Dogue de Bordeaux cross Rottweiler of  3.5yrs.

Saxon is a loving and loyal dog who just adores his family, he is an absolute sweetie and enjoys nothing more than a good snuggle up on a sofa (he thinks he’s a lap dog!) and tummy tickles, as many tickles as his humans are prepared to give him.


Saxon knows many commands: sit, down, paw and he is getting good at his wait command also.


Saxon loves time in the garden; he’ll chase a tennis ball (and even sometimes bring it back!) but his absolute favourites are his tug toy and his football and having a kick around with his humans. Saxon thinks that it is good fun to chase cats and squirrels in the garden, so probably shouldn’t live with other pets, although he has lived with a cat previously, and watch out: he’ll roll in fox poo if he can find any – although he is happy being washed or hosed down when needed.


In the home, Saxon is a really chilled boy who is very happy to settle and sleep all day; he is no trouble.   Saxon does not need much exercise - a half hour walk and/or some football is plenty for him daily, though he can absolutely do more if you want – he would play football all day!

Saxon can be scared of the outside world and so walks are initially scary for him; he has however made really good progress with this with the aid of his favourite treats (chicken and liver) but initially he found his walks quite overwhelming, so walks will need to be built up slowly. Saxon now walks nicely past people, ignores most vehicles and is learning to walk calmly past dogs – again with the aid of lots of treats for distraction.

Saxon can be reactive to visitors to his home and usually this is directed towards men – when they are standing up or moving around. Saxon is however crate trained to help with the process of working with his reactivity to visitors.  Saxon can also be sensitive to noise, so a very busy household might be tough for him.  Saxon has got used to hearing traffic and people when in the garden and ignores a very yappy neighbouring dog, but sudden or loud noises can make him bark (and he has a good bark on him!).

Saxon tolerates but does not like car travel; he will get into the car if lured by treats, but he does not much like being shut in and is restless during the journey (but quiet; he does not whine or bark).

Due to Saxon's anxieties and being initially scared of new people, it may take multiple visits (and some play sessions!) for him to build a bond and feel comfortable with his new family but once you’re one of “his people”, you won’t meet a soppier dog!  

Saxon is looking for a confident new family that can continue to help him with his anxieties and to continue to build on his socialisation, which should ideally be a quiet, rural home with few visitors with no young children.

Saxon is in the HEREFORD, Herefordshire area.

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