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Shadow & Marley

All about Shadow & Marley: Shadow & Marley are a male and female Staffordshire Bull Terriers of 12 & 10yrs respectively.


Shadow is a gentle soul who loves cuddles and play time.  Shadow has never lived with children and so is looking for a new home where any children are of teenage years.  Shadow has lived with cats with no issues.  Shadow walks well on a lead without pulling.


Marley still thinks he is a puppy and can jump like tigger and can be boisterous.  Marley has also lived with cats with no issues.  Marley is not always good with strange dogs, especially those bigger than him, and in particular other males. Marley is a strong dog so would need a confident owner to handle him.


Both Shadow & Marley are loving dogs who just need the love, time and dedication they deserve.  Shadow & Marley can be left alone without destruction. Their favourite pastimes are to sunbathe, play and run around together. Shadow & Marley not fussy eaters and love their treats, bones and chews.  Shadow & Marley both know basic commands such as: sit; lie; down; paw; and wait.  Shadow & Marley both like having baths and happy to have their paws dried when needed.


Shadow & Marley have not had a lot of experience being off the lead due to lack of space in the local area.


Shadow & Marley need a new loving home with a family that will give them plenty of exercise, further their training and show them lots of love and affection. Both Shadow & Marley love their own space but also love affection, strokes with plenty of cuddles.


Marley and Shadow have been together since the day Marley came home as a puppy and love each other very much and so are looking for their new home together.

Marley & Shadow are currently in the BLACKBURN, Lancashire area.

Ad updated: 28.01.23.

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