Shanti & Olive

All About Shanti & Olive: Shanti is a female Retriever/Korean Jindo cross of 4.5yrs.


Shanti and her sister where rescued from a meat market in South Korea. Shanti would likely do better as only one dog, but she is very attached to her cat, Olive! Ideally Shanti and Olive need to find their new home together, as they just adore one another. 

Shanti has far more Jindo characteristics than retriever, so if not familiar with the breed, please do look at breed characteristics for the Korean Jindo.

Due to unknown experiences before her rescue, Shanti is somewhat timid, nervous and uncertain around strangers. This, combined with her breeds tendency towards guarding and loyalty, means that she is anxious when around a lot of strangers and does not do well in crowds, and so a more rural environment would be ideal for her.  

Shanti has a mix of two double coat breeds so she needs regular brushing and blows her coat twice a year, but her coat is exceptionally soft and she loves getting brushed, she is also good about having her nails trimmed and tolerates baths well. 

She is completely house trained and will whine at the door when she needs to go out, she doesn’t chew/scratch furniture, she is used to being left alone (well, with the cat and other dog) when I go to work for longish periods (6 hrs max). 

Shanti is good with children, but her excitement at times might mean that over age 5 or so would be ideal (mainly jumping). She knows basic commands but could use some more one on one training. She is not too motivated by food, rather by praise and affection. She is a not a heavy barker. She need about 30-40 minutes of exercise (walk) daily and would require a fenced in garden. 

Shanti is a sweet cuddle queen, is good with cats, children, and chickens, but does not tolerate other dogs well at all, as she exhibits fear based aggression with other dogs (more frequent on lead but does happen off lead as well).  Shanti is quite afraid of large livestock animals (including sheep) and has somehow managed to devise a strategy to pick up and carry hedgehogs! 

Shanti will sometimes bark or cower from human strangers, but will warm up quickly with re-assurance or re-direction. Shanti is especially afraid of men carrying unfamiliar objects.


Shanti walks well on lead with a harness, but she is very strong when she wants to be and her recall is not always dependable and because of her response to other dogs, she is best walked on lead. 

Overall, Shanti is a very sweet and cuddly dog. She will never pass on a tummy rub or the opportunity to be little spoon. Early life experiences set her up for some struggles and issues with socialization, but she is a complete gem and wonderful companion dog. 

Olive is a 2 year old short hair cat and is certainly not your average cat, as she has been raised by dogs and tends to act more canine than feline.  Olive will greet you when you get home, can be picked up and held, has good recall, never goes outside the litter box even if it is moved, likes to roam outside supervised (though she is 97% an indoor cat), she will not wake you up for feeding times, she doesn’t chew plants and she gets on with chickens, dogs and all sorts of poultry. Olive has never met another cat so cannot say how that would go but would assume with proper introduction would be fine. 

If you are super attached to your wallpaper, Olive may not be a good fit for you. She also enjoys shredding toilet paper. This is something she might grow out of as she is still young, but cannot assure this will happen. She is a great house hunter- mice, spider, flie. Like Shanti, she is also very cuddly and is lovely to curl up with. 

Shanti & Olive are in the Newcastle area.

Ad updated: 22.08.19

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