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All about Spirit:  Spirit is a female Husky cross mastiff of 3.5years.  


Spirit is reserved with unfamiliar people and other dogs at first, due to long-term lack of socialisation, but soon comes around and is currently living two other dogs and three cats.  


Once Spirit knows you, she is a real cuddle bug and she is good on walks, although she will try to pull slightly on lead and has good recall and never strays too far.   Spirit was not bothered at all on a recent encounter with livestock, both large and small. 

When on off lead walks, she isn’t pushy with dogs she doesn’t know, but once she knows a dog, she can be a bit boisterous and vocal in her play.

Spirit is good at greeting people she knows, she doesn’t jump up, instead she sits and lifts her front paws. 

Spirit has not lived with small children and so she is looking for a new home where there are none.  

Spirit does not have any resource-guarding issues with people, but will growl at dogs approaching her when she has food or a chew treat, she is food motivated, which makes training her easy.

Apart from some guarding behaviour (she barks when unfamiliar people approach our door), Spirit is a generally quiet dog, sleeps well through the night, travels well in a car, and is crate trained. Spirit has slight separation anxiety, but nothing out of the ordinary – she would whine for a while, then settles down.


Overall, Spirit is a lovely dog and would make a lovely addition to any family. 


Spirit is currently being assessed.

Spirit is in Cambrigeshire area.

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