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All About Stanley: Stanley is a male Bassett Hound cross Cocker of 9months.

Stanley is obviously gorgeous and still a young pup.  Stanley is playful and well-behaved around the home.  Stanley is fully toilet trained and responds well to commands/instructions, so far knowing sit and paw.


Stanley loves playing with his toys and his humans in the home, but is also very happy to curl up on the sofa and nap in the sunshine.


Stanley loves going for walks and can get a little over-excited a first, but soon calms down to walk nicely on the lead.  Out and about, he is very inquisitive of his surroundings of course, and always wants to say hello to other people and dogs. Stanley is very good with other dogs and children on walks and is responsive to commands such a leave-it, come etc.


Having been in houses with other people/dogs around constantly, Stanley is not great on his own, but is improving on this day by day with training.

Stanley is in the ISLE OF DOGS, East London area.

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