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All About Sunny: Sunny is a male Cockapoo of 2.5years.

Sunny is a wonderfully intelligent dog and can pick up tricks and commands very quickly.  


Sunny is a loving dog and he likes nothing more than to dance around in your arms giving you kisses to music.  


Sunny also loves to play and chase his ball.


Sunny has resource guarding and will need a new home without children or young visiting grandchildren or other dogs.  Sunny's resource guarding issues are mainly with food. 

Sunny takes a while to get to know and trust a new people but once he is comfortable he is very friendly.  


Sunny is looking for a new home where his family lead a very active lifestyle as he likes to be kept busy and an understanding and experience of resource guarding.

Sunny is in the WINFORD, Bristol area.

Ad updated: 08.08.21, d.o.b. 16.04.19.

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