All About Taz: Taz is a Rhodesian Ridgeback cross Mastiff of 3.5yrs.

I’m Taz, a big loving boy. I think I can sit on your lap and will follow you everywhere. I’ll even sit outside the shower and wait for you, if you leave the glass door open, I’d even try to get in with you! I love water, as long as it’s not deep as I can’t swim! Spray the hose at me and I’ll try to eat the water. It’s such fun! 

I love sticks, oh my I love sticks. In fact wood in general is great. There’s a fallen down tree in our local woods and I have a go at ripping it apart every time we visit there. It doesn’t matter how big it is, I’ll try to carry it home. 

Squeaky toys are also fantastic although they don’t last long because I love ripping my toys to bits! I also love tug of war but you have to be very strong to play that with me. 

I love walks and playing fetch although I won’t give the ball back so you’ll have to take two so you have another one to throw.

Im not sure about other dogs. I have been okay with them and even walked with them but I’ve also been funny with dogs, especially when they yap or growl at me. I do lunge at dogs.  My owners weren’t sure if it was play or not. My trainer thought it wasn’t and I do this funny prowl when one is coming sometimes and people don’t really know what to make of that! 

Cats, on the other hand I don’t like, or squirrels. They get me very very excited and I want to chase and eat them! I will bite at the lead to try to escape so I can do so! Just don’t hold the lead too short as you may get caught! 


I love my family, well the grown ups in it. I think children are a bit weird so I can growl at them sometimes. 


In fact I’m so in love with my adult family that I don’t want anyone to come in the house. I would need to wear my muzzle or be shut away if someone visits. I’m sure with training and help I could get better at this. 


I’m okay on the lead although I do pull. I prefer a long line so I have some freedom but I know sometimes it’s not suitable to be on. 

I don’t like the vets very much. There’s too many exciting things and animals around and I’m never sure what the vet is going to do to me so again I need my muzzle on. 

I love being invited on the sofa or armchair sometimes and if I wasn’t too big, I’d like to be on the bed with you too! 


I don’t know if I could live with another dog but I do need to live with no small furries or children. I need strong experienced owners that can help me with my training and reactivity.


📌Taz is looking for a new home without children as he has a bite history, and his new family will need to be vastly experienced and confident to continue with his training.

Taz is in the POOLE, Dorset area.

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