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All about Tess: Tess is a female crossbreed of approx 9years.

Tess came over to the UK from Romania and has really come along and learning to enjoy life, grown in confidence, developing trust with her foster carer and showing her true bubbly, wonderful and fun personality. 

Tess is looking for a new home where there is peace and quiet for her to live happily and without young children.  Tess is currently living with other dogs, although these are also older, so of like mind to her: happy to plod along and not bothered by too much.

Tess loves a groom and a massage, is happy going for walks around the lanes and woods in her harness, but is still a little nervous of some traffic or strange people being close to her.

Tess was slightly grumbly with the other dogs at first but is now far more confident, and is relaxed with the two older cats.

Tess is good in the house and can be left for a short period of time.  

Tess really is a delight to have around and, if she is called from a little distance away, she will always look up and come running over with an expression of joy and anticipation - she really is her foster mum's shadow!

Ideally Tess is looking for somebody local to the Mid/North Devon area to allow time for a few meets so that Tess can get to know her new family to help her to feel comfortable as, although she has made huge steps forward, she is still reserved and a little anxious with strange people - she just needs time to form a bond and develop trust. 

Tess is in the CREDITON, Devon area.

Ad updated: 31.03.20.

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