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All about Tyson: Tyson is a male Staffordshire Bull Terrier of 3yrs.

Tyson is a lovely boy and loves nothing more than running around with his toys.


Tyson currently lives with children but can be a bit giddy so is looking for a new home where the children are of older teenage years.  

Tyson is a strong dog for his size and does not like other dogs, so he will need a new family that can work with him to improve his socialisation.   Tyson will happily pass other dogs on the walks but if one has a bark at him, then he will have a go back. Tyson is currently living with another dog and they are not getting along, so Tyson is looking for a new home where he is the sole dog.


Tyson is happy to be left with no issues and is crate trained.


Tyson is currently in the HYDE, Manchester area.

Ad updated: 12.04.21, d.o.b. 14.08.17

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