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All About Xen: Xen is a male Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross Akita of nearly 7years.


Xen is still a puppy at heart and is very energetic and playful but also likes to chill-out and relax.


Xen loves his daily walks and has also attended doggie daycare once a week which he enjoyed


Xen loves his humans and forms a deep bond and hates to be parted from them and can suffer from separation anxiety when left and can be destructive.  Xen is looking for a new home where he is not left and where his family are patient and understanding of him.

Xen needs a home where there is a secure garden.

Xen has lived with children aged 6+, who respected his boundaries. Xen has lived with other dogs and is submissive with them. However, just like with children, his boundaries need to initially be respected.


Xen chases cats, birds and small animals, so he is looking for a new home where there aren't any.

Xen is in BROCKWORTH, Gloucester, area.


Ad updated: 13.06.23.

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