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All About Cora: Cora is a female Cockapoo of 17months.


True to the Cockapoo breed, Cora has boundless energy and loves to run off lead so she will need a new family that are active and able to keep up with her.


Cora also likes to chill and loves cuddles with her Dad but also enjoys her own space when sleeping.


Cora is crate trained and happy to sleep alone downstairs.


Cora knows her basic commands: sit; down; and stay are all reliable to a point. Cora's recall is not ideal but if there are no distractions she is brilliant but her weak spots are bikes, runners, cats and the wildlife!


Cora shows signs of resource guarding and likes to take socks and shoes so she will need careful management of the things she can get hold of in her new home.


Cora is looking for a new home where there are no young children as she has previously nipped a child. 

Cora is in ALDERSHOT, Hants area.

Ad updated: 15.06.22, d.ob. 11.01.21.

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